Charity bracelets

Wild in Africa creates stunning bracelets for conservation, where 50% of the purchase price goes directly to conservation projects. The Ground-Hornbill charity bracelet made from black Obsidian stone and Red Jasper gemstone can be purchased and 50% is directly donated to both the APNR Ground Hornbill Project and the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project.

For Ground Hornbills

Wild Wonderful World is dedicated to providing resources and funding to key projects, giving you the chance to give back from anywhere in the world. Here you can help the APNR Ground Hornbill Project by donating the value of an artificial nest or camera trap. Artificial nests are made out of iso board and M1 composite, providing a strong and durable nest. The nests are secured into big trees and are readily taken up by wild groups of Southern Ground-Hornbills, helping to improve their reproductive success.

Camera traps are a vital tool used to monitor and research the birds. They are placed up at nests, capturing their natural behaviour and recording vocalisations, helping improve our understanding of the species and in turn, protecting them.

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