Partners and Donors

We would like to thank our partners and donors who support us and enable our research. To the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, National Geographic and The Rufford Foundation for their funding towards the research. To the landowners and wardens of the APNR for their continued support and permission to research Southern Ground-Hornbills on their properties. Special thanks to the Timothy Hancock Charitable Trust for their annual donation to the project, Bateleurs Nest, Mary Oppenheimer & Daughters Foundation, Alan Whyte, Peter Janovsky and Clive Coetzee for their generous donations towards the new project vehicle. Timbavati PNR, Klaserie PNR, Tanda Tula Lodge, Ntsiri PNR and Peter Smelting for donating fuel monthly and to Louw Booysen for his contribution towards field equipment. Many APNR members and staff have been of great help, both logistically and by reporting Southern Ground-Hornbill sightings.

We thank one and all!

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